> values

> our standard

> Frequent professional engagements with high end subjects
> Responsibilities and roles around the full chain of an application life cycle
> Use of professional state of the art tools and methods
> High adaptive and agile integration in existing application environments
> Industry experience in ICT

> sportive attitude

> We play primarely in the first league
> Our future is with performers and positive results
> You can show what you are able to achieve
> We like performance and quality
> Your will grow your capabilities

> flexibility

> We are easy to deal with
> Clear and easy to handle contracts
> Flexible working hours
> Working from home office on request

> we care for you

> Living in a kind of family culture
> You will be employed best and closest to your personal talent
> Inspiring contents of work and responsibilities
> Long time employment but changing fascinating jobs
> Qualified feedback on your personal development
> We support you in critical customer situations
> Salary above industry Ssandard for challenging jobs

> stability and trust

> We provide the dependability of an experienced and well accepted industry Partner.
> We are well connected to the industry with sustainable customer Relations.