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Experts on Demand

> If you need a wild Card due to bottle neck

   situations within your application Team...

> If you need a fire fighter...

> If you need an intrim expert who is a

   professional in Service creation, Operation 

   and continuous improvement...

> When you need the dependability of an

   experienced expert for dedicated Topics

   regarding application...

> When you are in front of a Major decision

   regarding  architecture, technology, trend

   and other....


.... Yes, in this case we should talk emediately. In most cases we have the right ideas. This would not be the first time.

Managed Application Services


Service Creation

> Demand Management

> Design

> Development

Service Management

> Rollout

> Management and Operation

> Continuous Imrovement


People who know how to build and operate applications are aware about the impact of demand management and its application design regarding operational cost and they will take care for the right architecture from day one.

We know about the challenge during testing and is integrating the professional users in time. Doing so the rollout should not be an issue. Users already know in advance what’s coming and we know their requirements but nothing more ... Operation should run smooth afterwards while we are watching and monitoring the resources and know its scalability. Then the only thing left is to handle the life cycle and the change requests. Your users will have new ideas continuously following the regular change of your business. That’s the reason why we like a professional release Management and we know what we are talking about. 

...Yes, that’s our profession. Maybe not better than you, but maybe a little bit eventually? What do you think?

However... We can off load your shoulders.

It’s about your time.

> gain time for the essential