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The roots

S4-it was grown from a wide range of trustfull personal contancts during the daily operation around application management or managed application services. Our colleagues did not create the subject but they have understood it. We are result oriented. Every team member has proven his capabilities. This had made ourselves optimistic to create this young company with it's seniority and esprit. It's a mixuture of experienced coachmen and young potentials with bite.


We should not mention the Standards of ITIL or Cobit at this stage. This is mandatory. The high end free style Comes with our experience, responsibility, to take care.... and this is all about individuals. We are quite selective to decide who will be allowed to join our team. Exactly: We know what matters.


When your application management is running smothly and we know that you really trust in us and we, with a vision, take care for your troubles in advance...

and if, at the same time we are developing our service company with new state of the art topics and challenges together with new customerrs, colleagues and partners...

yes, this is when we will be happy.