> design


> The moment when the degree of business support and impact of the intended application will be decided
> Key to any efficient application portfolio management concept
> The moment where the efficiency and straightforwardness appliance of the future service model will be

> The moment when the cost efficiency of the application management will be decided
> The moment of choosing the right technology and standard
> The moment of choosing the sustainable path into the right platform and communication technology
> The right moment to specify performance and quality indicators for the acceptance and the entire life c

> The moment with major impact to development time and complexity and the operational cost during the

   entire life cycle


> Fast response and hi skilled and experienced staff
> Routine and experience of senior application designers
> Broad knowledge regarding clever and sustainable design and technologies
> Supporting the right decisions for technology, platforms, tools
> Conceptual integration of all kind of IT and communication technology
> High adaptive and agile integration into and extension of existing application environments and  

   Service concepts
> Project Management, Agile, Traditional, use of professional state of the art tools and methods
> Design der Service Lösung inklusive aller vereinbarten funktionalen Anforderungen, Ressourcen und

> Design des Service Portfolio für das Management und die Kontrolle der Services während des gesamten

> Design Technologie Architekturen, Management Architekturen sowie Systems Management Werkzeuge.
> Prozesse für Design, Umsetzung, Betrieb und Verbesserung der Services.
> Design der Messsysteme, -Methoden und Metriken für Services, Prozesse, Architekturen und zugrunde

   liegende Komponenten.

values to your benefit

> We are easy to deal with
> We provide the security, routine and experience of senior application designers
> We convert your business requirements immediately into powerful application terms and technology
> We support the right strategic decisions for technology aspects in order to protect your investments
> We offload your existing internal or external resources
> We save your time to implement
> We can provide a jump start due to experience and available resources
> We provide the dependability of an experienced and well accepted industry Partner