> expert on demand


> If you have to respond very fast to an upcoming demand for application experts within your application

   management program
> If you need a wild card which has to be the joker in the pack
> When work load is simply to much to be handled by your existing team and should not be handed just by

   anybody else but an expert.
> When you know that additional experts are required for specific subjects within your application

   management program
> When a supervision is required regarding complex architecture and technology aspects and decisions
> When your team meets the limits of capabilities and expertise and wants to grow with an senior expert c

> When you have to be sure that the invited external resource should be familiar with your industry and

   project methods and processes
> If your policies, the code of conduct and the company values have to be protected during the

   engagement of an external expert


> Instant demand handling and response
> Competitive pricing
> Knowledge about your industry and you as a customer
> Familiarity with your company processes, conventions and standards
> Jump start capability of available experts
> Quality check of pre-selected experts
> Hi skilled and experienced staff in application management
> Service Creation, Anforderung, Entwurf, Entwicklung, Service Management, Auslieferung, Betrieb, Optimierung
> Project Management, PMI, Agile
> Taking care, responsiveness and a sure and steady hand
> Supporting the right technology, platforms, tools
> Integration of all kind of IT and communication technology
> Integration into and extension of existing application environments and service concepts
> Use of professional state of the art tools and methods
> Industry experience in ICT, IT Services, Automotive

values to your benefit

> Have a break. - Have S4-IT

> We are easy to deal with and trustwothy

> Ungary is a common premium partner of the German industry - So we are.

> Proactive supporting the business of our customers

> Our success comes with the customer success

> High level experts iin short term in a cost efficient way with low risk

> We provide the security, routine and experience of senior application managers

> We understand your requirements and take care for it

> We offload your existing internal or external resources

> We minimize the role out time and cost

> We guaranty cost savings in application management

> We can provide a jump start due to experience and available resources

> We provide the dependability of an experienced and well accepted industry Partner