> operation


> This is when stability counts

> This is when users are focused just to do their business and never will even think about IT

> This is when users need instant and straightforward trouble support in order to continue their business


> This is when most of the KPI's should stay "GREEN" during operation

> This is when you should not think about having the right service level agreements with your application

   management partner


> Perfect integration into your existing service model

> Integration into and extension of existing application environments and service concepts

> Full implementation of ITIL V 3 standards

> Professional service desk and ticket system

> Professional tracking tools and methods for all relevant performance indicators

> Broad range of application management experts

> Deep experience in application service and life cycle management

> Project Management, Agile, Traditional, Taking care, responsiveness and a sure and steady hand

> Use of professional state of the art tools and methods

values to your benefit

> We are easy to deal with

> We provide the security, routine and experience of senior application managers

> We understand your security requirements and take care for it

> We offload your existing internal or external resources

> Cost savings in application management

> We can provide a jump start due to experience and available resources

> We provide the dependability of an experienced and well accepted industry Partner